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Hands-On Therapies to Education and Advice as well as Specialised Services

At DC Physiotherapy, we value our patient’s health and strive to improve their everyday life. Our hands-on therapies include soft tissue massage, manual therapy, and dry needling. These techniques help relieve pain and improve function. To support our hands-on therapies, we offer taping and strapping services to help stabilise and support injured areas. To ensure our patients continue to make progress outside of the clinic, we provide home and gym exercise programs tailored to their individual needs and goals.

Education & Advice

Comprehensive Physiotherapy Education and Advice for Lasting Health & Well-Being, Self-Management Strategies, Knowledge and Empowerment.

We believe that education and advice are key components of any successful treatment plan, which is why we take the time to educate our patients on their condition and provide them with personalised advice on how to manage their symptoms.

Image for Education and Advice service.

Soft Tissue Massage

Expert Soft Tissue Massage Techniques for Pain Relief, Improved Flexibility, and Accelerated Healing.

  • Muscular pain?
  • Acute or chronic pain?
  • Just active In general?
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Manual Therapy

Customised Manual Therapy Techniques for Targeted Pain Relief, Restored Function,and Optimised Movement.

  • Limited mobility?
  • Restricted range of motion?
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Dry Needling

Advanced Dry Needling Techniques for Muscle Tension Release, Pain Reduction, and Accelerated Recovery.

  • Muscular pain?
  • Chronic stiffness?
  • Limited mobility?
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Taping & Strapping

Effective Taping and Strapping Solutions for Stability, Injury Prevention, and Enhanced Performance.

  • Lacking joint stability?
  • Require arch support?
  • Need help moving better?
  • Concerned about posture?
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Exercise Programs

Customised Home and Gym Exercise Programs Tailored to Your Needs for Mobility, Flexibility, Strengthening, and Endurance.

To ensure that our patients continue to make progress outside of the clinic, we provide home and gym exercise programs tailored to their individual needs and goals.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

Transformative Pre- and Post-Operative Rehab Programs: Recovery Strategies, Personalised Care, Improved Quality of Life in Your Physiotherapy Rehab Journey.

  • Need to improve your strength and stability before sugery?
  • Need help with your post-op management and rehab?
  • Striving to return to sport and living your best life?
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Sports Physiotherapist working with a client

Sports Physiotherapy

Specialised Sports Physiotherapy Services for Injury Rehabilitation, Prevention, and Performance Enhancement.

  • Injured yourself playing sport?
  • Need rehabilitation support?
  • Looking to prevent further injury?
  • Want to enhance performance?
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Biomechanical & Postural Assessment

Comprehensive Biomechanical and Postural Assessment Services for Identifying and Correcting Flexibility, Mobility, and Strength Imbalances.

  • Concerned about posture?
  • Experiencing pain or discomfort?
  • Want to correct underlying imbalances?
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Image for posture service.
Image for headache management service.

Headache Management

Effective Headache Management Techniques for Relief and Prevention.

  • Suffering from frequent headaches or neck pain?
  • Seeking relief from headache symptoms?
  • Want to prevent future headaches?
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CTP & Worker's Compensation

Treatment and Rehabilitation Solutions for Optimal Recovery, Enhanced Well-Being, and Personalised Support in Your Return Back to Work Duties and Normal Life.

  • Want help recovering from a motor vehicle accident?
  • Suffering from a work-related injury or operation?
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Image for CTP and workers compensation service.
Image for pregnancy-related pain relief service.

Pregnancy-Related Pain

Specialised Care for Managing Pain and Promoting Comfort During and After Pregnancy.

  • Experiencing pain during pregnancy?
  • Seeking relief from pregnancy-related discomfort?
  • Want specialised care for pregnancy-related pain?
  • This might be perfect for you!